Refresh: a new face in Pakistan’s pool of fashion models

Abeer Adeel, 23, is 5″10′, married and has two young children.

She isn’t conventionally beautiful but Abeer has the height and poise of a runway model. Let’s hope she has the walk too.

“I always wanted to model,” she spoke to me at a recent fashion event, “and my parents and husband have allowed me so there’s nothing to stop me anymore.”

“I feel Frieha is protective of her models and keeps them safe from controversy and harm,” she added. “I’d like to stick to doing good, quality work and Frieha is a good mentor.”

Abeer with her mentor and guide, Frieha Altaf

Abeer was gleaned at the Veet Model Hunt this year, where she emerged winner. I wasn’t in the country at the time and missed the process entirely but now as I see new, fresh and young models emerging I feel that the competition is chipping in to give Pakistan a pool of new fashion models. Abeer Adeel is one of them and it’s great to know that she prefers runway to print (infact she has hardly done any print) and one can hope she’ll stay away from mediocrity, ‘beauty parlour/bridal’ ads and acting.

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3 Responses to Refresh: a new face in Pakistan’s pool of fashion models

  1. zainub says:

    official facebook fan page of abeer adeel.

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