First Look: Sana Safinaz lawn 2013

Sana Safinaz lawn

You have to realize that lawn information, of any brand let alone Sana Safinaz, is always as tightly guarded as a trade secret. No one lets even a kitten’s whisker out of the bag until the campaign is ready to be officially launched. So you can imagine my delight when I walked into Sana Safinaz’s studio for a brief chat regarding two stories I’m writing and voila! I got to see the two suitcases full of lawn outfits that had returned from the campaign. Sana and Safinaz were gracious enough to let me rummage through the entire stock and I got this image, with Sana’s permission of course, to let out an exclusive look!

Neha looks gorgeous in the clothes and Guddu has done a great job on the campaign. To read an exclusive chat with Safinaz on the collection, log on to the blog later tonight. We will be sharing some secrets!

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One Response to First Look: Sana Safinaz lawn 2013

  1. neelam says:

    when or what date is the lawn exhibition this year ?

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